About Us

THE NET GPS Pty Limited develops it's own GPS hardware solutions primarily for the Australian transport industry.

THE NET also markets a range other third party hardware solutions. Any third party products that we market have been selected for their suitability to the Australian telecommunications network and for their ability to perform well in our vast and harsh environment.

With the Telstra announcement during late 2014 that their 2G (GSM) 850mHz network will be shut down at the end of 2016, our commitment to our clients is that we only market hardware that is suitable for the Australian 3G and NextG networks. THE NET's myTRAX and Teltonika hardware that we promote both utilise the Telit HE910 series of communication chips, which have been certified by Telstra as suitable for the NextG network.

THE NET achieved the status of being a Garmin Authorised Partner during the latter part of 2014, which allows it access to the exciting new range of Android based Garmin 660/670 navigation units. To achieve this, THE NET integrated the Garmin FMI (Fleet Management Interface) in to its myTRAX range of transport industry hardware units. As a Garmin Authorised Partner, THE NET now has the ability to develop Android based Apps to support both the myTRAX and Garmin 660/670 units.

The products and services we market are provided by:

  • THE NET - Online & Mobile tracking platforms
  • THE NET - GPS Hardware solutions
  • Fleet Logic - Compliance consumables
  • ROAD to SAFETY - Compliance software
  • AAA Assist - 24/7 Call Centre for Fleet support
  • Garmin - Navigation and camera solutions
  • Teltonika - GPS Hardware

Our Online and Smartphone tracking solutions were developed in Europe and we feel that they are arguably the best solutions in the global market today. During 2015, THE NET will add its own touch to the tracking solutions to better tailor them to the needs of the Australian client. Though both solutions are already amongst the best suitable for Australia, the improvements and additional modules will see them as a leader, especially for the Australian transport industry.

We offer an onsite installation service for transport and business clients, as well as onsite training for staff and administrators with our online tracking solution.

Our tracking solutions include:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Buses
  • Commercial service vehicles
  • Bikes
  • Asset, both fixed and mobile
  • Mobile Phone Tracking (Android and iOS)

Our staff await your contact so they can discuss a solution that is tailored to your needs.